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12:36 AM Jun 02, 2019 |

Chavan is an upright CM and a man with stuff

One thing however is certain that Congress has never been known to be particularly happy with the alliance partner NCP especially because of NCP’s unduly aggressive and wily ways born of their penchant for oneupmanship. Prithviraj Chavan is the first Chief Minister, well-armed with spotlessly clean reputation and strong determination to go the way that appeals only to his conscience. He is a different stuff and is not the one to give in to any kind of pressure tactics. Therein lies his strength which is widely acknowledged not only in the high political circles but also among the common grassroots people if you have your ear to the ground. His decisions are bound to be delayed because they are preceded by thorough objective scrutiny, not subjectively granted in expectation of something as quid pro quo.  NCP ministers are used to quick decisions invariably wangled for unsaid mutual consideration. That is no sign of speedy work. This is the kind of culture the NCP chief developed and nurtured for the successors for the sake of  protecting the corrupt ministers thereby encouraging the evil from the beginning, and they expect every one to fall in line. Calling an honest and upright CM as inefficient only reflects the political ken of the minister from the basket case of NCP.


Khanderao K Wajge, Mulund


People have lost faith in police

Police’s failure has come to the open once again. The criminal who raped and robbed the Spanish woman was let loose by police even he was held for theft and had 35 cases pending against him and of which 28 were registered at Bandra Police Station showed the callous attitude of the Police Officials.  The damning fact exposes police ineptitude.  Thus, Police’s lethargic attitude toward taking preventive measures came for sever criticism.  Mohammad Ismail Ansari alias Badshah’s arrest was a result of some quick detection, the city police did not earn much praise from both, city’s legal experts as the foreign consulate. The reason for this is the lethargic attitude in general and the Banda Police in particular in preventing such a serious offence against a foreign national.

Anandambal Subbu,  Navi Mumbai

Set a right example

This is regarding news item “Sharmila’s plea to name trophy after Pataudi turned down ” (FPJ, dated 7th Nov.) Sharmila’s demand to change the name shows her attitude and no respect for other equally important contributor to the development of cricket in India. These rich king-queen think that they can bring any change as they desire. However, the BCCI authorities showed her that they do not succumb to pressure. She also must have thought that there will not be anybody alive in India to raise objection on behalf of Anthony De Mello. She just forgot that her husband’s name is already there on cricket trophy, so called rich and mighty cannot always win is shown by the BCCI officials and their example is required to be followed by others in authority.

Marcus Dabre, Papdy, Vasai

Illegal slums a menace

Sociologists and law enforcing agencies are worried about the rapidly rising crime graph in the metropolis. They are well aware of the fact that all the hardened criminals, including small time ones, have been taking shelter in the various sprawling slum colonies spread across the city. These shanties are the real cause of all the maladies faced by the financial capital of the country. Still, no concrete steps are taken by the civic authorities and the police to check this fast mushrooming malignancy that is threatening the very existence of the law abiding tax payers in the city.

Vineet Phadtare

Let Gadkari go & BJP work for polls

Apropos to your hard-hitting editorial, “Pray, quit and end BJP misery” (November 7), it is time for Nitin Gadkari to call it quits. The BJP has been plagued by the “who is big” syndrome which seems to get compounded by each passing day. Gadkari is out and out RSS man and this was exactly the reason for his elevation to the president’s post. L K Advani was forced to quit when the ‘Jinnah controversy’ broke out. But Gadkari, though caught in a mess of corruption charges, has been bailed out by the RSS. When the UPA is down in the doldrums due to innumerable scams, the clash of personalities has done BJP no good. Now, the party’s biggest priority should be to ask Gadkari to vacate the chair for a cleaner leader of standing.

Ganapathi Bhat

Americans have faith in Obama

The victory of Democrat Barack Obama over Republican candidate Mitt Romney in the hard fought US election battle has shown that the Americans have again given their mandate in favour of Barack Obama despite unemployment, price rise, and recession.  Hope Obama, a good friend of India, will help us in various sectors to enable India to march forward in science and technology to make Bharat a strong country in the world.

Bhagwan B Thadani

He deserved victory

President Barrack Obama deserves the heartiest congratulations for a fabulous and deserving victory against his rival Romney. This victory is all the more deserving because Romney tried his best to oust him by blaming him for all the economic problems. Obama fought back with dogged determination and the people of America were convinced by his sincerity. Two most creditable actions which helped him to sweep the polls were firstly his brave action against dreaded terrorist leader Osama-Bin Laden. The second was his dedicated services to rescue fellow Americans from Hurricane Sandy which was well appreciated by the people. All in all the Americans knew that he was a performer but Romney had still to perform hence they chose him as a better alternative!

K V Satyamurty, Mumbai

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