Donald Trump’s tiny statues with ‘Pee On Me’ sign placed around Brooklyn for dogs

US President Donald Trump has many statues around the world but now, there is one which has left everyone surprised. A tiny statue of POTUS is placed near sidewalks but what has left everyone amused is, ‘pee on me’ sign. The statue is placed in Brooklyn, New York by local artist Phil Gable. Speaking to Gothamist, he explained, “It was largely just a personal expression of my own disdain for Donald Trump, both as a President and a human being.”

Goble also said that he has placed five other tiny Trump’s statue all over Brooklyn and is probably going to expand it all over the city as he doesn’t want dogs of Manhattan to feel left out. The statue is placed in between piles of little grass and reportedly has sprayed with ‘dog-potty training aids to encourage dogs to relieve themselves.’

See the picture below: