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Finding solace in reading

A new reader

Not during school and college, I got into reading four years back and there’s an interesting story behind that. Long time back I was going through depression because of my breakup. I was in a relationship and at the same time I was also getting attracted to other people, so I was not able to decide if I’m doing the right thing or not. I was questioning myself and one day I relayed my ordeal to a friend. After listening to my trouble, he suggested I read Chitralekha. This was the first time I was reading a book and after finishing that I realised, in life, there’s no right or wrong it’s all about the situation you are in. And Chitralekha inspired and helped me to get out of depression and do good work.

Favourite book

Chitralekha, I love that book and it has changed my life. It made me more mature and made me feel good when I was going through worst times. My favourite author is Alice Grey and author of Outlander, Diana Gabaldon — I am a big fan of their writing.

Going back in time

I love the historical genre and I wish through time machine I could travel back to that era and live that life...I want to experience the historical period.

Living by the time-table

I am a very punctual girl and I have a timetable for everything. I wake up at 5:30 am and sleep by 10 in the night. I have a schedule for everything and that way I make time for reading as well.

Monthly quota

It is difficult when I’m shooting because at that time I don’t want to connect with any other character than the one I’m playing on-screen. So if I am shooting for a long time, then I try to finish at one book in span of two months or so.

Online finds

I don’t get recommendations from anyone. Like I said earlier I like to read historical books, so I Google about books in that genre.

eBook or physical book

I’m not eBook kind of a person, so I prefer reading a physical copy.

Currently reading

I just finished reading Outlander, so I’m searching for a new book.

Book adaptations I loved

I don’t like to watch book adaptations, because everything is changed when it’s made into movie—dialogues and scenes are tempered with, songs are added, which I don’t like...

Book to screen

I think someone should write a book on Parveen Babi and then that book should be made into a film where I get to play Parveen Babi...

Not lying

I have never claimed anything, I have not read it I tell it straight...I’m an honest person.

A firm recommendation

I would urge everyone to read Bhagwad Gita...it has solutions to all problems.