Happiness is the Feeling of Joy and Contentment

Happiness is the feeling of joy and contentment. It is also associated with freedom from negative thoughts like fear, resentment, self-pity and low self-esteem.

Many people find bliss and joy elusive. They see others experiencing bliss and joy but somehow they are not able to identify these feelings within themselves.

If you are one of them, realize that feeling glad and cheerful is, in reality, a choice. You can choose to feel the way you wish to. So you can choose to feel fortunate anytime that you wish.

Your state of mind and thoughts affect the way in which you interpret and react to what is happening in your external world.

You can consciously draw out positive and pleasant memories and recreate and relive events that bring you joy. This will help you to handle your disappointment, failures and your misfortunes in your life. When you are able to handle and manage your thoughts, you will have control over your emotions.
Try to adjust your expectations. Make sure that you set realistic standards. If you are preoccupied with the thought of how a certain thing has to happen or how a person has to behave to make you feel positive you will most likely feel frustrated with the outcome.This is because you are allowing others and circumstances to dictate how and when you can experience a state of joy.

Most people are more concerned about themselves than trying to please you or bolster your ego. Assume that people have positive intentions and do not mean to damage your ego and esteem.

Interpret loss and unfortunate events as an experience that will provide lessons and make you stronger. Look out for the good in people. Focus on the moments that you enjoy and contribute to your sense of wellbeing. Find pleasure in all your activities and chores. Get involved in everything and find enjoyment in your activities and chores no matter how mundane they are. Make sure to set personal and definite goals that will give you more life, growth, accomplishment and a sense of purpose.

Adopt the feeling of gratitude. Be grateful for being alive and well. Appreciate and feel blessed with your relationships and families. Show and express your appreciation with a smile, kind words and gestures. Appreciation and gratitude brings joy, contentment and happiness.