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How much would your Rs 10,000 be worth on Jan 28, 2020, if you invested a year ago in stock market, silver or gold?

Comment: Gold in the domestic market reigned across all the periods during the year (One year, six months, 3 months and the last one week.

Sources: Kitco.com/RSBL spot, London pm fixed for precious metals.

Notes: Palladium data has a last day data issue. Spot price is taken on 27th January.

Foreign currencies too have last-day data issues. Only idle investments are taken into consideration.

AU Dom & AG Dom pertains to domestic IBJA closing rates. These rates include the import duty of 12.5% plus the exchange rate for $-INR, but excludes GST

Palladium may appear to offer the highest returns. But it may not be liquid enough to dispose off when required.

The above chart should not be taken as a recommendation -- but as an indication of how what appears attractive today, may give way to another investment opportunity tomorrow

Other abbreviations have been used. US$-US dollar; CNY- Chinese yuan or Remnimbi; INR= Indian Rupee

Compiled on 27th January, 2020 at 9.05 pm IST

Disclaimer: This is not a guide for speculators.