Ideal Nation


  • If a few people in the country can turn dishonest for a few rupees, then, can we not change people into honest citizens to safeguard the nation’s assets? Agreed, that there are a few scoundrels who readily turn traitors for a few pieces of gold, yet, is it not a fact that there are thousands and millions of patriotic and upright people as well who will readily lay down their lives, but never betray the country by selling themselves? Our aim is to organize such people under one roof.
  • We wish to promote and uplift the moral, character and spiritual structure of the nation and thereby protect human values.
  • We must avoid imitating the obscene and prurient culture of others while pursuing this splendid mission of establishing a glorious nation free from the afflictions of disease, starvation and grief.
  • We have to create a nation free from unemployment by making the youth educated, brilliant and ethically strong by inculcating noble values in them.
  • We shall visit each and every village, teach Yoga to the residents and make the entire nation healthy and prosperous.
  • ‘All our thoughts are one and unanimous, may the country grow fine and illustrious.’ Our mission is to create a glorious nation that is free from disease, maladies and vices.
  • We have to retrieve our nation’s wealth stashed away in overseas banks in the form of black-money and utilize the same to augment the prosperity, electricity, technology, defence and security, health and education of the country.
  • Corrupt and dishonest people plunder the assests of the nation in the guise of business with foreign companies through shady deals which depletes and weakens the country. We must firmly put an end to this and thus contribute to the nations prosperity and development.
  • We must encourage women in building the character and moral base of the nation. They should be used as armours against narcotism and intoxication to protect the country from these perversions.
  • Pressure or coercion enslaves, while discipline reforms a person.
  • We must percieve God in every soul and abandon the evil practice of sacrificing living beings, caste system, dowry and social discrimination.
  • The abomination of corruption and smuggling are the root causes for the widespread unemployment, poverty, starvation, scarcity, violence, crime and social injustice in our country.
  • We must seek such a field where we can employ all our abilities and talents whole-heartedly to create history rather then seeking a well-placed job.


Four Super-Powers

  • Money-power, public-power, political-power and exclusive personal-power -these are the four super powers. By employing the power of Yoga we should enhance our exclusive personal-power, organise the public and stop the abuse of national wealth and bring about an explosion in the growth of economic affluence.
  • Despotic political power vitiates the powers of the public. Misuse of money power results in social disparities, violence, anarchism, and chaos. Therefore,we must check the political power with constraints of decorum, dignity and noble values.


The Two Forms of Energy

  • When public support and money power strengthen the hands of people with corrupt, dishonest, and criminal propensities, then violence, fear, terrorism, naxalism, injustice, exploitation reach their climax which in turn, ultimately leads to catastrophe. Inversely, when public support and the power of money are in the hands off honest and noble persons then selfless service, prosperity, brotherhood and love are boosted with nationalism, spirituality, humanitarism, finding good support and patronisation. The nation witnesses development and prosperity. Whenever Asuras or evil persons came to power, they only brought sorrows and devastation in their wake. The Devas or righteous persons used their power, money, strength for the development of the entire humanity, when in power. It is well said that-

Vrks kabahun nahin phal bhakhai nadi na sancay nir. Paramarath ke karane sadhun (sajjana) dhara sarir. (From Saint Kabir’s ‘Bijaka’)


Narad dekha vikal ayanta. Lagi daya komal cit santa. (Ramacaritamanasa)


  • Our culture, values, ideal social systems are not that weak that we need the philosophy and guidance from foreign thinkers. The vedic socialism and spiritualism are very much balanced, universal and scientific and a complete philosophical system. In vedic philosophy the welfare of others is given preference over one’s own welfare. It is a fact that the most ancient and eternal vedic philosophy is the finest and the most accomplished among all the philosophies of the world. We should neither oppose wisdom nor support ignorance or deficient or half- knowledge.


The Political and Religious Authorities

  • To date, we have been unscrupulously exploited by the political authorities of the country who merely dished out false dreams and the religious leaders who gave us fake assurances about heaven. The time to forsake these false dreams, assurances and fictitious conjectures has now arrived and we must step forward to see the emergence of dharma and polity firmly rooted to the ground of reality and stop exploitation by adopting a healthy and ideal polity and an open, scientific and spiritual philosophy or thinking.


Bravery not silence

  • A country suffers more due to the indifferent attitude of noble persons than due to the wickedness of evil people. It is now time to break our silence. Awakening ourselves and thereby awakening the nation, we have to march ahead to defeat and destroy the demonic powers in the country.