ideal nation

First be a sadhaka (practitioner) then sudharaka (reformer)

  • One who is ready to accept the ‘truth’ established on the basis of logic and rationality, facts and incontrovertible proof and ready to abandon ‘untruth’ is called a sadhaka.
  • Man, by nature, is more conscious of others than himself. If we succeed in paying as much attention to ourselves and our mind, thoughts, emotions, nature and work that we pay towards the others; then, undoubtedly, we would prosper beyond measures.
  • Hence, before embarking on the mission to work for the welfare of the world at large, one must become a good ‘sadhaka’ Just as the shadow of a tree exists because of the tree, i.e., the shadow comes into existence only if the tree exists, similarly, when you become a sadhaka and attain the acme of your sadhana, the society automatically draws inspiration from your actions, work and the way you lead your life and begins to change for better.
  • We must become self-reliant and self-confident in life and support and help others to attain the same. If a man first becomes a sadhaka, then he will naturally become a reformer.
  • None can ever satisfy the one, who himself is unsatisfied. For example, a man who is asleep can be awakened, but one cannot awaken a man who pretends to be asleep. How can a hunger-starved man satiate the hunger of others? Therefore, ‘Atma-kalyana’ (self-emancipation) is necessary before the emancipation of the world. First kindle the self and then awaken others.

Confronting the Scoundrel, Honouring noble

  • We must always show respect towards a pious and not individual even if he is weak, poor and in a vulnerable posit We must never insult such a person because all the happiness of our life will change into miseries when such a noble; pure soul is hurt by us Conversely, no matter how great j possessor of power, authority and wealth, a man of corrupt dishonest and criminal bent of mind be, we must never be scared of them as the soul of such wretches is already The Supreme Lord has created us solely for their destruction. This very message was given to Arjuna by Lord Yogesva Krsna in Srimadbhagavadgita –

Paritranaya sadhunam vinasaya

ca duskrtam. Dharmasamstha-

panarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge.


We all must put an end to the demonic powers and the evil, corrupt, dishonest, immoral and criminals of i ill-earned power and wealth. We shall strengthen the of patriotic, noble and honest persons. Let us all take pledge, make a resolution that we shall wash off the st of corruption from the brow of our nation. United, we restore the lost self-esteem of the nation and transform it i a powerful one.

The Meaning of Development

0   Development does not mean how much an individual a nation has prospered or accumulated wealth. Rather, true definition of development is to ensure that we are able to provide education, medical facilities, social justice respect to the last standing man of a nation or the entire world.

A Rural-Development Scheme (Let us head for our villages)

  • We present the 11 point rural development scheme based on Yoga and Ayurveda for establishing healthy, prosperous and urbane villages in the country: 1. Disease-free and healthy village; 2. Addiction-free and urbane village; 3. Violence-free and purely vegetarian village; 4. A village free from fear and endowed with benevolence and tolerance; 5. Filth-free and clean; 6. An ideal village free from illiteracy and superstitions; 7. A happy village free from the menace of overpopulation; 8. A well irrigated village aware of water harvesting and preservation techniques; 9. A prosperous village free from unemployment, poverty, hunger and shortages; 10. A self-sufficient and contamination free village developed on the basis of agriculture and Svadesi products; 11. A spiritual village where monthly collective programmes of spiritual discourse, bhajan, kirtana and yogabhayasa (practical yoga sessions) are held in the local temple or mosque.

Vedic Saurya Mantras (Hymns for Valour)

  • Uttistha sam nahyadhvamudarah ketubhih

saha. Sarpa itarajana raksamsyamitrananu

               dhavata (Atharvaveda-11.10.1)

Meaning: O gallant men! rise, tighten your girdles, come, o ye come with the banner (dharmadhvaja — the banner of dharma or the national flag) in your hands. Overthrow those that are the serpents, the debauched, traitors of the nation, demons bad monsters and the enemy; and hoist the triumphant flag of divinity.

Aham sa yo navavastvam brhadratham sam

vtreva dasam vrtrahaarujam. Yad vardhayantam

prathayantamanusgdure pare rajaso rocanaakaram.


Meaning: Hark! I am the man who will fell such bandits, plunderers, the corrupt and criminals who suck the blood| of the poor, erect gigantic mansions and palaces with money made by looting the nation through corruption, enjoy outings in chariots, coaches or cars. I shall uproot the evil, the robbers who have progressed by the dint of oppression and suppression, so that they, the animals in human form, will not find a place even in the sky.

Krtam me daksine haste jayo me savya ahitah.


Meaning: I cannot sit idle lamenting my fate (placing mj| hand over my forehead); for, I have action in my right I and the banner of victory in the left.

  • Eka evaagnirbahudha samiddhah, ekah suryo

visvamanu prabhutah. Ekaivosah sarvamidam

vi bhatyekam va idam vi babhuva sarvam.


Meaning: I can illuminate the entire world with a single sp of wisdom (knowledge). A single sun lights up the world. Dawn, single-handedly, enlightens all the objects this apparent world. The one and only Paramatma — Supreme Power pervades the entire universe.

  • Bahu me balamindriyam hasto me karma viryam. Atma ksatramuro mama. (Yqjurveda-20.7)

Meaning: My arms and senses are perfect and replete with their respective powers. Action and ability dwell in my hands. My soul is capable of obliterating the sorrows and pains of the grief-stricken. My chest has the capacity to endure blows while protecting others.

Ahamindro na parajigya iddhanam na kadacana. (Rgveda-10.48.5)

Meaning: Listen to my introduction! I am Indra, the is Invincible warrior, neither the temptation of wealth nor death can conquer me.