Ideal Nation

Indram vardhanto apturah krnavanto visvamaryam. Apaghnanto aravnah. (Rgveda-9.63.5)

Meaning: O industrious men! listen! Increase your valour and opulence, achieve supreme perfection in self and slay the demons (wicked people).


Agnirasmi janmana jataveda ghrtam me caksurmrtam ma asan. Arkastridhatu rajaso vimdnoajastro gharmo havirasmi nama. (Yajurveda-18.66)

Meaning: I am the fire, the incandescent blaze, am an •   awakened conscious soul by nature. There is a glow in my eyes, ambrosia in my mouth, I am the sun. I am radiant with the lustre of the body, the mind and the soul. I am capable of measuring the entire globe with my feet. I am imperishable, a blazing yajna-kunda (the sacrificial fire-altar) and the dhuti (sacrificial oblation) to be offered in Havana (sacrifice) described in the vedas.


Yadvadami madhumattadvadami yadikse tadvananti ma. Tvisimanasmi jutiman avanyan hanmi       doghatah.(Atharvaveda-12.1.58)

Meaning: When I talk to someone, I speak only sublime words. The people I gaze at, adore me. This sweet nature of mine is reserved only for my near and dear ones, for others, I am I vibrant, spirited and abrupt. I will immediately exterminate the wicked demon, who dares to demonstrate his anger to me.


Sam srutena gamemahi ma srutena viradhisi. Mayyevastu mayi srutam.(Atharvaveda-1.1.4)

Meaning: We should march ahead in the path elucidated ij$ the Vedas. May our intellect be rooted in the knowledge of the Vedas. The above vedic mantras instill enthusiasm, valour gallantry, self-confidence and self-respect in our hearts. We must unite and strive to punish the demons, the corrupt an|l the devils in human forms with death penalty.


Yoga for establishing an Ideal Nation

0   We wish to light the lamp of Rastra dharma (national religion) in every individual by connecting him to Yoga-dharma (yogic activities). We want to apply all the energy harnessed through the daily practices of Yoga for the development of I nation and in the process also achieve self-development. The question may arise in minds of many people as to what could possibly be the relation between Yoga and the development of a country? We would like to make it absolutely clear that development of a nation without self development will be incomplete and be a mere dream. Therefore, we shall attain self-development through the daily practice of Yoga and dedicate the entire day to the growth and prosperity of the country. Yoga dharma (yogic activities) and Rastra dharma (national religion) are not contradictory ideologies, rather they complement each-other.

0   We should kindle the spark of patriotism in everybody’s heart through Yoga dharma. We can connect every individual to Rastra dharma through Yoga dharma. We can advance the cause of the sacred mission of Atma-jagarana (awakening the self) through Yoga-jagarana (awakening Yoga).


Peaceful World

Universe (Creation)

  • The New Year of Srsti (created Universe) arrives on the Caitra Sukla Pratipada (according to the Pancangas of Southern India). One Creation lives for 4 billion and 320 million earth for years. The srsti (creation) we experience has aged 1 billion, 972 million, 949 thousand and 116 years. That is, counting backwards from 2016 A.D., the current samsara (creation) came into being 1,97,29,49,116 years ago. This samsara or srsti will exist for 2,34,70,50,884 more years. After this seemingly inexhaustible period begins the pralayakala (period of dissolution). The pralayakala’s time of dissolution shall be equal to the time period of sustenance of Creation e. 4 billion and 320 million earth years. Thereafter the srsti shall be created once again. This process is iterated endlessly as creation exists, is sustained, and dissolves in never ending cycles of kala (time). The age of srsti (Universe) is measured in Yugas.
  • There are four yugas: Satayuga, Tretayuga, Dvaparayuga and Satayuga exists for 17,28,000 years, Tretayuga lasts for 12,96,000 years, Dvaparayuga exists for 8,64,000 years and Kaliyuga exists for 4,32,000 years. This way a Caturyugi age (age of all 4 yugas) is measured as 43,20,000 (four million, three hundred and twenty thousand) years. There are a total of 1000 Caturyugi Ages and 14 manvantaras in the life of a srsti. Our Universe’s present age of existence is measured to be lying in the 7th manvantara which is known as the Vaivasvata manvantara. A manavantara consists of 71 Caturyugi and the Vaivasvata manavantara has reached its 28th Caturyugi. The Present (Vikrama Samvat 2072/2016 A.D.) year is located to fall after the 5115th year of Kaliyuga. The coming of Satayuga shall be heralded after 4,26,884 years.
  • Dharma and adharma do not occur in a particular kala (Yuga/Age) of the Universe. They are ever present. Every kala (time-period) has seen and will see the pravrittis (nature and tendencies) of dharma and adharma come into action in the manifest Universe.
  • In the beginning of the Universe, Isvara (the Creator) created the primary dhatus (materials) from the particles constituting the earth. These dhatus, like Raja, Virya were brought in contact with the Pancabhautika (the five physical elements) i.e. the Prthvi (earth), Jala (water), Agni (fire), Vayu (wind) and Akasa (ether) dravyas which manifested in the human form. The sarira (human form) thus fashioned, resulted in the cumulative emergence of thousands of navayuvakas (young men) and navayuvatis (young women) from the bowels of this earth. These youth were strong of body and were endowed with svabhavika jnana (an innate instinctive sense) but lacked the developed human sensibility and wisdom. Four amongst these were chosen, who had the purest of Atmas (soul) which meant that they could harness the potential of Self-realization. The chosen Four were inspired by Isvara to realise the samadhi state. Once they had reached this highest state of human potential, they were initiated into jnana by Isvara, the First Guru. This was the profound origin of the Guru-Sisya parampara (Teacher-Disciple tradition) and the beginning of transfusion of jnana (knowledge) amongst humankind. Tibet holds the unique distinction as the birthplace and cradle of Humanity and Civilization on this Earth.