Cannabis oil for pet allergies: All you need to know

11:15 AM Jun 05, 2021 | Dr. Pranjal Khandare

The minute we read the words ‘Cannabis for pets’, a plethora of questions comes rushing through our minds. Is it safe? Does it work? What does it do? Put those questions to rest and read on to know about what Cannabis Oil for pets is and how it can help your pet’s allergies.

What is cannabis oil for pets?


Cannabis oil is derived from the cannabis sativa plant and contains cannabinoids. Cannabinoids give cannabis its medicinal, therapeutic and pain-relieving properties.


Cannabis oil is a holistic and multipurpose medicine that can relieve your pet from pain and discomfort. Unlike conventional over-the-counter medicines, cannabis oil has minimal side effects. Conventional drugs can weaken the immune system but cannabis oil doesn’t suppress the immune system and manages allergy symptoms.

Is cannabis oil safe for pets?

Cannabis oil devoid of compounds that cause psychoactive effects are safe for pets. Contrary to popular belief, cannabis oil does not get your pet high.

Cannabis oil is made with 100% natural ingredients and is safe for your pets. The therapeutic properties and effectiveness of this oil make cannabis oil a great alternative to traditional medicine.

What are pet allergies?

Just like our allergies are triggered by several factors, allergies in pets can be triggered by these two broadly classified categories:

Environmental allergies:

Dust, pollen, mites, flea bites and plants can lead to allergic reactions. These types of allergies are likely to get triggered in the spring season. These allergies can cause your pet to have itchy skin on their legs, arms, paws, stomach and face.

Food allergies:

Know anyone with a peanut allergy? Your pets can be allergic to certain foods as well. The most common food allergens in pets are proteins, especially those from dairy products, lamb, chicken, chicken eggs, soy or gluten (from wheat). The symptoms of food allergies are body rash, flaky skin, hives, vomiting, excessive sneezing, swelling and constant licking on a sore spot.

Is cannabis oil helpful for pet allergies?

Yes, cannabis oil can help alleviate discomfort caused due to allergies. The main purpose of cannabis oil is to strengthen the immune system and relieve your pet’s discomfort.

Skin issues cannabis oil can help with:

Hotspots, lesions, dandruff, bald patches, boils, redness, skin issues caused due to injuries and allergic skin reactions.

Benefits of cannabis oil for allergies

Reduces inflammation:

Some allergies may cause painful allergic skin reactions, cannabis oil can alleviate your pet’s discomfort by reducing inflammation.

Eases pain and soreness:

A pet might suffer from soreness or swelling of the skin when they’re having an allergic reaction. This can result in tremendous pain and discomfort. Cannabis oil relieves this pain naturally due to its wonderful healing properties.

Eases itchiness:

Some allergic reactions cause constant itching and scratching in your pet. Cannabis oil can soothe the pet’s skin, reduce inflammation and eventually help them to stop itching.

Brings comfort:

Cannabis oil numbs the pain and brings your pet to a comfortable state despite the allergic reactions. It helps to calm them down and fight the allergy with ease.

Promotes healthy coat:

Cannabis oil is not only soothing and medicinal, but it also has amazing moisturizing benefits. It is known to promote and maintain a healthy coat for your pets.

No pet parent can watch their pet suffer from pain. Cannabis oil is a proven medicine to heal and soothe your pet’s pain.

Please speak to your vet before you administer cannabis oil to your pet.

(The writer is a Veterinary Officer at She has done her Masters in Animal Genetics & Breeding and has over 3.5 years of experience. Having treated more than 5000 pets so far, her expertise lies in genetic diseases in pets and treating exotic pet animals)

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