Doc Destiny: Career & professional guidelines through numbers

09:11 AM Jun 04, 2021 | Dr Bindu Khurrana

Our birth and destiny numbers can tell a lot about our career and professional life. In today’s column, from Number 1 to 9, we will try to find out which career, sector or field is favourable for the respective natives according to Numerology.

1-Sun (1,10,19 & 28)


Number 1 people are systematic, career-oriented, punctual and focused. They are best suited for an MNC/ Government Job. They are good leaders and administrators. They have good aesthetic sense and give importance to details. The best sectors suited for them are, interior designing, anything related to jewellery, corporate, or medical.


2- Moon (2, 11, 20 & 29)

Number 2 people are creative and artistic by nature. They are best suited for partnership and subordinate projects. They do well in fields of music, literature, dance, theatre, performing arts. They are water lovers hence swimming, trading by sea; business related to liquids, foods, restaurants in best suited for them.

3- Jupiter (3, 12, 21 & 30)

They have brilliant communicating skills, hence fields like sales, advisory, consultancy, teaching, law or politics are ideal for them. They like to head positions and posts of power. They generally settle in 3rd profession with failure or shutting down of one venture. They can have three sources of income at a time. Sectors related to property, real estate, marketing, education, or anything which is related to power or higher position is very favourable for them.

4-Rahu (4, 13, 22 & 31)

They change professions or jobs to reach their final destination after turning 31 or 40. They try and test different careers before settling down. They are ruled by suddenness and change. They generally do things differently and out of the box. They are innovative, motivational and good speakers. They can work from a secretary job to corporate/political posts. They love to take charge of a project. Ideal fields or sectors for them are, construction, development and property, shares, graphics and computers, speculation is best suited for them.

5-Mercury (5, 14 & 23)

They do well in the fields like engineering, sales, accountancy, law, journalism, literature, politics etc. They become good editors, writers, actors, stockbrokers, commission agents etc. Fields like maths, economics, banking, business and finance also suit them well. Anything related to travel, transport or anything which requires multi-tasking is also quite favourable for them.

6- Venus (6, 15 & 24)

Number 6 people could do well in the fields like architecture, engineering and mass media. The field of music, art, dance, food and beverages, hotel industry, fashion designing etc. is also well-suited for them. Trading in luxurious items like cars or jewellery also brings success to them.

7-Ketu (7, 16 & 25)

The film industry, drugs, chemical, farming, dairy, secret service etc. are some of the sectors best suited for them. They become great writers and poets. Fields like archaeology, medical, merchandising, construction, real estate are also favourable for them. Anything related to spirituality, meditation or yoga are also favourable for them.

8-Saturn (8, 17 & 26)

Anything connected with engineering, police, civil body, law, music, gardening, religion, leader, firefighter, teacher, cook, secret service, doctor, nurse etc. are good for them. They become good surgeons. Service, jobs, hotel industry, hospitals, sweet shops or business related to iron and steel also suits well Number 8 people.

9-Mars (9, 18 & 27)

For Number 9 people, sectors like defence or police services, firefighting, drugs and chemicals, bank, machinery, land, property, security and general leadership in any vocation are suited for them. They do well in sports and agriculture. Business-related to electronics, cotton or any other material can do wonders.

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