Doc Destiny: Let's talk about Leos

09:40 AM Jul 30, 2021 | Dr Biindu Khuraana

The Leo season, which spans from July 21 to August 20, has already arrived. Hence in today’s column, we will try to understand the significance of the 5th zodiac sign and the unique qualities, characteristics of individuals whose zodiac sign is Leo. So, if you are a Leo or someone in your life is, then read on as we are going to shed light on some of the lesser-known facts and traits of the ‘lions’.

Dates: 21st July-20th August


Ruling planet: Sun


Keywords: Endurance, regal, pride, enthusiasm, self-assurance, generosity, opinionated playfulness, boisterous, conceit, drama, benevolent, overbearing, dignified, pompous and patronizing.

Personality: The lion is a great poseur. Possessing magnanimity of spirit and infectious love for life, Leo belongs centre stage and demands adulation as of right. This sign is a natural ruler, put on earth to rule over everyone else, whether they like it or not. Fortunately, Leo has such a charming nature that most people forgive this intrusion into their lives. Megalomaniac or benevolent despot, there is something exuberant and childlike about Leo, even when bossy and domineering.

Leo believes him or herself to be special and will go to great lengths to obtain special treatment. There is enormous pride at play in this personality type. Others will often copy Leos without thinking. This isn’t someone people want to offend.

Likes: Shopping, good food, wine, arts, opera, anything which is in trend.

Dislikes: Put-downs, being laughed at, inquisitive attempts at control.

As a parent: Leo is a warm, playful and creative parent. This parental type prides him or herself on providing well for the children, who are encouraged to explore the world creatively. Children are expected to do exceptionally well.

As a child: This is the golden child who stands out from the crowd. Leo as a child always has a court of devoted admirers, which can lead to problems with spoiling. This child needs a school environment in which he or she can shine, with for dance or drama. Discipline is also important in order to keep Leo’s developing ego in check. A Leo child soon turns into a drama queen if thwarted.

Career: They do well in the field of entertainment. For example, they become good actors, dancers, producers, presenters etc. Singing, modelling, fashion designing are the other favourable fields for them.

They also do well in the sports sector. This sign also makes an excellent window dresser, heating engineer, goldsmith or gold dealer. Leo is happy exercising authority as a judge, youth worker, teacher, politician, president, managing director, lawyer, fundraiser or bond dealer.

With the sign’s strong connection with play and leisure, careers as a play-therapist or leisure centre manager are also appropriate; and given the link to the heart, many Leos become cardiologists or cardiac surgeons.

Leisure activities: Leo combines indolence with energy, disliking sports that work up a sweat, but enjoying being seen at a fashionable gym. Aerobics keep Leo looking good, as does dance. Gentle team sports are acceptable, provided Leo is the captain.

A natural actor, Leo excels at amateur dramatics, debating and anything that involves performance. Eating out is always a pleasure. The lion’s creative side shows itself in artistic hobbies, and working for a good cause warms Leo’s heart. A sign that is surprisingly interested in strategy, Leo often prefers board games to computers.

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