Doc Destiny: Numerology and health

07:00 AM Jul 17, 2020 |

It is true when it comes to health, numerology could be the best guide which can predict the health risks which a person may possibly develop in the future. By predicting one’s potential health risks, we can alert the concerned person so that he/she can take the necessary precautions in advance.

Know your number:


The birth number and destiny number plays a key role in determining the luck, fortune, wealth and health of a person. Your birth or destiny number can tell a lot about your inner and outer well-being. And hence, it is very essential that a you should be aware of these numbers. Date of birth is your birth number, for example, if you are born on July 1, then Number 1 is your birth number but if you are born on July 22, then 2+2 = 4, then your birth number comes down to 4. Similarly, if you are unaware of your destiny number then write down your birth date, month and year and then add all the numerals and bring it down to one digit, For e.g., a birth date of 2/09/1976 will give the destiny number of 7 (2+9+1+9+7+6= 34= 7).


What your number says:

According to Numerology, each number has an association with different ailments and diseases. Know what kind of health problems you may suffer from and what should you do in order to ward-off such potential health risks based on your number. Find out below…

Number 1: People associated with number 1 are likely to suffer from eye disorders. They are also very likely to develop back problems. High blood pressure is another problem which may put their health in trouble. If your birth number or destiny number is 1 then it is advisable that you maintain a healthy routine, sit and walk properly and pay attention to your posture. Yoga is highly recommended.

Number 2: People whose birth or destiny number is 2 are prone to water-borne ailments, cold and congestion. The golden rule for them is to stay hydrated. If your number is 2 then make sure you drink boiled water regularly.

Number 3: Those who are linked with number 3 are susceptible to sinus and jaundice. Such people should also keep an eye on their liver conditions. Hair loss, eczema is another problem which may up their health woes. If your number is 3 then it is advisable that you follow a proper diet and stay away from junk. Learn breathing techniques as it can help boost your physical and mental well-being.

Number 4: They are more likely to suffer from issues related to gut like indigestion and acidity. They should focus more on their bone health. Such people may also develop diseases which are linked to intestines. People whose lucky number/ destiny number is 4 should exercise regularly. No matter what form of exercise they do, but they should keep themselves physically active.

Number 5: Most of their health problems have an association with their nervous system. Headache, migraine and sleep irregularities are some common problems found in people with number 5. They also complain about pain in their hands. It is recommended that they should spend most of their time in nature and remain close to greenery. Meditation is a must for people with number 5.

Number 6: Throat, kidney and reproductive organs are more likely to cause trouble for people with number 6. Urinary tract infection and constipation are common problems which people with number 6 suffer from. All they should do is eat healthily and follow a proper diet after consulting a dietician.

Number 7: People whose birth number or destiny number is number 7 are more prone to suffer from skin diseases and allergies. Respiratory issues are another major health concern which ups their health woes. People with number 7 should take care of their personal hygiene.

Number 8: Problems related to nails, teeth and bones are more prevalent in people with number 8. They often complain of joint pains. They should check their nails more often, as pinker their nails, better their health.

Number 9: Most of their health problems begin with blood. People who are linked with number 9 are prone to suffer from injuries and accidents. Hence, they should be very careful while working in the kitchen and while on the wheels.

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