Doc Destiny: Positive & negative traits of Number 9

02:23 AM Oct 09, 2020 |

Today’s date being October 9, in today’s column, we will try to understand the significance and importance of Number 9 and also learn about the positive and negative qualities of people who have an association with the number that holds the last spot in Numerology, number 9.

People who are born on the 9th, 18th, 27th of any month have a major influence of number 9. Number 9 is ruled by the planet Mars, which is denoted as Mangal in Hindu astrology. Number 9 is ruled by Lord Hanuman and Tuesday is regarded as the most favourable day for people who are associated with number 9. Any number, when added or multiplied by number 9, retains its original identity. It is a number that remains constant despite changes. Number 9 is called a complete number.


Nine planets, nine forms of Durga, nine days of Navratris, nine years cycle of 108 mantras, such representations of number 9 make it a mystical number. Number nine denotes new birth, spirituality and revolution.


The positive traits of Number 9:

People who have an association with the number 9 are romantic. Such individuals tend to be very patriotic. They love to go on adventures. They manage their professional and personal responsibilities well. Number 9 people are honest and genuine who hate to falsehood and show-offs. They have a loving and caring nature. They are very caring and affectionate towards their friends and loved ones. They get friendly with new people instantly. They have good intuitive powers. Sports enthusiasts by heart, they like watching and playing their favourite sports. Most people who are linked with number 9 are found to be active and full of energy. Such individuals are meticulous, systematic and methodical. They keep their pride, prestige and honour above everything else.

People with number 9 have high aspirations in life. With strong determination, they reach the top of the ladder. They show sympathy with others very quickly. They can go to any extent to become independent. People who are ruled by number 9 become good counsellors and advisors.

Negative traits of Number 9:

Such individuals face a lot of struggle in their life. They can’t control their argumentative nature. They have a violent nature because of which they don’t think twice before hitting someone. Such people are extremists. There is always a higher chance of meeting with an accident for people with number 9. Their impulsiveness is a major problem here. They make hasty decisions which mostly backfires them. Number 9 people are conceited, outspoken and brash which puts them in a negative light. They like to find faults and criticize others. They don’t trust others due to their suspicious nature. They never forget to revenge from their haters/ enemies. Aggressive, destructive and quarrelsome, all these qualities make such individuals a negative person.

Useful tips for Number 9 people:

Worship Lord Hanuman every Tuesdays. Offer honey, lentil and vermillion to a water body and float it in flowing water. Use a red towel after a bath and keep a red colour handkerchief in your pocket every day. Take a piece of red cloth, put some aniseeds in it and tie a knot. Recite a mantra of planet Mars, Mangal and keep it in your bedroom, this could be done when you feel unwell. Wear red coral or copper ring in the middle finger on Tuesday noon. The Mangal Yantra is very beneficial and should be kept in the house or office area. Donate red items on a Tuesday, especially on 9th, 18th and 27th.

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