Senior Citizens: Positive Belief System is Imperative to Lead a Happy Life

04:57 PM Nov 27, 2021 | Dr A K Sen Gupta

Belief is often described as an internal acceptance of existence or otherwise of something without any tangible rational. The belief simply rests on trust or inner call of an individual. For example, someone believes in God. This simply means that the inner soul of an individual propels him / her to believe in existence of God without any proof. So is the case with an atheist who does not believe in existence of God. Here the word belief is used in a positive sense that it is away from all negative ideas or superstitious rituals. Belief system helps an individual to interpret the everyday reality according to said scheme. It helps us to understand, explore, analyse and then finally come to a conclusion.

The type of belief system is very important in this context. We must have strong positive belief system pointing at larger good of oneself as well as others and of the Universe. This helps us to be positive and optimistic at happenings around. Nihilism of any kind must be proscribed as it leads to meaningless and negative belief systems.


Senior Citizens and Belief Systems:


Strong positive and optimist belief system is crucial for an elderly. This helps him / her to look at positive aspects of the events. Falling age, growing sense of dependence and loneliness usually bring forth lots of negative energies among the elderly. They are often surrounded by negative thoughts and ideas. Absence of counsellors and death of near and dear ones aggravate the problem.

At this stage of life, they are often surrounded by negative belief systems like:

1. Life is painful to me.

2. I can not do many things what I want to do.

3. I am not able to do what others can.

4. I may not get better.

5. No one is helping me when I need.

6. There is no meaning in living life like this.

It is in this situation that the positive belief system can play a big role in changing the mindset. A positive set of belief system will try to ignite positive emotions among elderly helping them to overcome negative emotions engulfing them. This positive belief eco-system might help them to see the ray of sunlight of hope amidst happening calamities.

Some Crucial Positive Belief Systems:

1. Life is a pleasurable journey.

2. Life has always been good to me.

3. I am good at many things.

4. I can do what I want.

5. I always help people.

6. People always help me whenever I want.

7. I love my friends.

8. My friends love me.

9. I will definitely come out of the problem.

10. I will live long, happy and healthy.

The moment there is transition from negative belief system to a positive one, there will be total turnaround of the physical and mental state. Negative emotions will be replaced with positive ones and life will become a pleasurable journey. If we look at lives of elderly who are suffering or had suffered in the past from a serious physical / mental disaster but still continue to live with peace and happiness, positive belief system is a big contributing factor. Such beliefs bring with them positive attitude and an optimistic perspective that are crucial to happy living.

Strategy to Develop Positive Beliefs:

The only strategy to develop positive belief system is to build positive attitude and be optimist simultaneously being realistic about pains and eventualities of life. Life is a journey that will have its both pleasures and pains death being ultimate reality. Life however needs to be enjoyed as a traveller in a train. If this reality is accepted, it is not difficult to foster positive belief system as described above.

Other thoughts in this regard include:

a. Let us be always happy and cheerful.

b. There is need to develop philosophical attitude towards life and its outcomes.

c. Let us always feel good about ourselves.

d. It is crucial to feel good about others.

e. Always desire to be confident in our attitude and actions.

f. Let us keep on learning new things.

g. Let us live with a passion.

Way Forward:

Life needs to be enjoyed and lived amidst its ups and downs. Positive belief system enhances the spirit of life and enables one to enjoy the same while being philosophical towards attendant sorrows. Positive belief system also helps an individual to remain composed during adversities. Life therefore becomes less miserable and more to relish as a journey. All the elderly people need to inculcate positive belief system as a strategy to revere life better!!

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