Tea & therapy: An actor’s agony

07:30 AM Feb 16, 2020 |

Doubts and desire

I am turning 26 in few weeks. I have always wanted to start travelling solo but never got around trying it as fear would always grip me. I am active on social media and it motivates me as well as causes a great concern because I feel I am just whiling away my time and that others younger than me are doing all these adventurous things. I feel left out; too old to start these things but I really want to move out of my comfort zone.


You seem to have categorized yourself as being old or that you should have started things earlier as others around you are travelling much more than you. Time is a relative concept. You can feel the slowness or the fast pace of time depending on the things you are involved in.


Travelling if it happens to be your liking, start with shorter trips to gain confidence and ease into the process so that you aren’t overwhelmed. Once you get the hang of things you will find yourself being more comfortable and also allow yourself to move out of your comfort zone.

Losing money & peace of mind

Last year my cousin asked me if I would like to join him as a business partner in his new venture and after contemplation I agreed and quit my job. Initially all went well but in the last few months the business isn’t doing so well. I am incurring more losses than gain and due to lack of steady income this is making me feel restless and anxious. I know business is uncertain most days but then this uncertainty bothers me a lot. How do I work around this?

Entrepreneurship after a steady job often rattles the sense of security. You have entered a new area of how business looks from the inside and this could result in a state of panic since it’s relatively new. The uncertainty revolving around business looks magnified due to you being personally involved with work.

Your anxiety is natural and hence becomes important element to be discussed with your business partner as both of you might be experiencing similar anxieties. Seeking emotional support from family also helps in times of anxiety.

An actor’s agony

A few years ago my uncle left his house on my name after his death. Recently I received a letter from his ex-wife stating that I had duped my uncle into giving me that house and that she wishes to take this up in court. I am an upcoming actor and this would look very bad for my career. I have just had a movie release and this kind of news might deter my progress. What can I do to not let it impact my work?

Consulting a lawyer who can help you understand where you stand in this process legally is important and the first step to become aware of what you are facing. This will help in eliminating any unwanted fear that you might be harboring. 

I understand that your career is important and this legal news splashed across the internet could result in negative publicity. However, the fear should arise if you are in the wrong somehow. If the legal procedure states that you are in fact the owner of the house left behind by your uncle then your aunt could be held responsible for false accusations.

It is essential to remember that with fame also comes the fear of being falsely framed but one can’t let others bully you just because they threaten to ruin that fame. Thus, as an example, this incident could help you create a healthy distance between such bullying and yourself.

The budding beat boxer

I am in my 2nd year of Business Management course and feel that this isn’t for me. I took a liking towards learning beat boxing and have realized that I am really good at it. I get gigs once in a while and thoroughly enjoy them. Monetarily it doesn’t suffice but very satisfactory emotionally. I wish to shift full time to beat boxing but am held back by the notion of what will happen if I don’t complete my education. Please help.

Education helps us in many ways one of which is some notion of security. Your heart and soul lies in beat boxing which is what should be a priority if you wish to be a professional one day. As far as education is concerned, you can always opt for part time courses so that you can focus full time on your career in beat boxing. Education is also used as a backup if in case the creative field takes too long to work out or for whatever reasons there is lack of success. The aim is to be happy in what you do rather than try in fit into social moulds of certain kinds that don’t help you.


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