Maharashtra: Yerwada inmates turn farmers, earn Rs 68 lakh through farming on 35 acres

Pune: They may have been stuck in a prison for many a reasons, but Yerwada prisoners have not lost an opportunity to earn money. Prisoners in Yerwada have earned not less than Rs 68 lakh through farming on 35 acres. While farmers in many districts of Maharashtra are reeling under drought, Yerwada prisoners have shown some fine farming skills.

Yerwada prison has taken efforts to initiate various programmes to enhance the skills of the many imprisoned here, especially to develop their skills. Prisoners here are taught laundry, farming, embroidery, stitching, carpentry, metal work, drawing and nearly 16 skills which can provide them with good income.

There are 270 acres of open land for the open prison concept of Yerwada. However, agriculture is being done in only 35 acres of this entire land. last year, the prisoners have earned Rs 31 lakh from farming. There was shortage of water and this time, the prisoners overcame this one challenge and this time they cracked the earnings by doubling the total.

The prisoners have to step out of the jail for farming and with the help of police, the jailed inmates of the open prison have managed to grow bananas, mangoes, green vegetables, grains and garden vegetables. This is indeed an achievement as they were trained to overcome the problem of water shortage.