Manohar Bhide barred from gatecrashing Wari palkhi

Pune: Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Palkhi Sohala chief has clearly stated the head count of all participants in the Wari should remain the same. This has come as an order to keep out gatecrashers. Among prominent gatecrashers has been prime accused in Bhima Koregaon riots, Manohar Bhide and members of Shiv Pratishthan, who for the second consecutive day tried to gatecrash the traditional procession, when the police forbid them from joining the palkhi. The Palkhi sohala committee wrote to Pune police asking it to prevent intruders from joining their procession.

For being snubbed, Bhide and his associates will wait for the entire procession palkhis pass by, they will gather at the Junglee Maharaj temple and will band together and walk in a procession from Shivaji Nagar chowk to Sambhaji Maharaj statue in Deccan. Bhide's followers had prevented the Dnyanoba Mauli palkhi and offences were registered against 1000 people last year. There was a verbal spat between members of Dnyanoba Mauli and Tukoba palkhis at Good Luck chowk. When the mauli's palkhi had started moving on Fergusson road, some followers of Bhide's group obstructed them. Some of the members of Shiv Pratishthan had even brandished swords. The Dindi members objected to this and Bhide's followers were angered. As a result the traditional palkhi movement got delayed by half and hour. The problem being this entire mass procession functions on strict schedule on a daily basis.

As a result the palkhis which stay over in Pune were delayed by few hours. There is a specific order in which the palkhis move on foot, any disruption can lead to unnecessary friction, as it has been seen in the last few years. Bhide's followers have been seen to be wearing saffron fetas and brandishing swords. They had gatecrashed Dnyaneshwar palkhi dindi which led to a lot of problems and that is why the samiti wrote to Pune police this year, to take precautions.