Product Review: Kaya Youth Range — Oxy boost

Oxy boost
Kaya Youth Range
Marico’s premium skin care range, Kaya Youth is an oxygen feast for the skin. The products contain a micro-circulation complex that enhances Oxygen in the skin. While the Kaya Youth oxy-infusion face wash gently cleanses your skin it works to enhance oxygen supply to your skin cells as well. A gentle massage with the Kaya Youth Face Cream rejuvenates and revitalises the skin, providing a boost of oxygen. The products aim to bring back the youthful glow of your 20s, giving facial skin the boon of oxygen. This might just be the answer to your skin woes such as dull, patchy skin and dark spots.
(Kaya Youth Oxy-Infusion Face Cream
50 gm- Rs 399/-. Kaya Youth Oxy-infusion Face wash
100 gm- Rs 199/-)


Fresh treat
Herb Boutique
We are liking the new Herb Boutique moisturisers. First of all, the cool glass bottles as opposed to tacky plastic. Press on the dispenser and a perfect amount of the product oozes out. The moisturisers glide on smoothly. What we are actually enjoying most is the fragrance—fresh and sweet smelling, a delight to sniff at. We tried both the Almond Saffron and Goatmilk one and the Pomegranate and Cherry Blossom version—and we will use them to the last drop. Said to be made with the finest organic ingredients, these moisturisers don’t just hydrate the skin—while the pomegranate elements treat acne, cherry blossom provides anti-ageing antioxidant care, while almond and saffron are nourishing and rejuvenating.
(From Rs.175)