Self as a Friend

Loneliness is not liking yourself and is the inability to get on with yourself when you are alone. You are more comfortable in the company of those who write your life’s script, the role you have to play, the words you have to utter, the dress you have to wear and the environment in which you have to live. The reality is that you are going to spend most of your time with yourself alone. Since it is inevitable that you have to spend your future in your own company, why not understand the self better and be a friend? The popular saying is : “The tyranny of loneliness and the joy of aloneness”.

Bhartruhari the king-poet classified humanity into four types. The first one he called Satpurushaha, the selfless ones who always lived for other people like Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Swami Vivekananda and others (Sattvic). The second category he called as Saamanya, the common man who looked after himself but has some time for others too (Rajasic). The third category he called MaanavaRakshasa, the demonic type who destroy others to gain an inch of ground (Tamasic). The fourth, he could not name, because they are purely ‘sadistic’ only destroying others for no tangible reasons. The loner either belongs to the third or fourth category, never trusting himself or others and always trying to put them down.

People fail to tap their own potential because they confer with everyone but themselves. The conference should be with a person you know best i.e. yourself. In fact, learning is of two kinds. One is that the teacher teaches, and the other is learning from oneself through ‘Inspirational non-satisfaction’ which means that you are not satisfied with what you are. You want to be a better person to serve the world. Many people who do not attempt to be the best are satisfied with ‘Second Best’. Instead of being a king, you want to remain as a commoner.

The saying is: ‘If you can do something better than others, people will make a path to your door’. Many drift with the herd through endless meadows of mediocrity. You don’t need anybody’s permission to break away from others; improve and inspire yourself.