2015 World Cup Astrology

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As the cricket world cup is going to begin from 14 February 2015. The planetary situation of planets at the start of the World Cup is Jupiter retrograde in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio  and starts retrograding from March 14 2015. Rahu in Virgo, Uranus in Pisces, Neptune in Aquarius and Mercury, Venus, Sun and Mars changing its position later on in March will bring from some surprising or contradictory changes in the performances of team and their captains. We will see now how these planets and according to lucky numbers affect each team captains. Lucky number is calculated by addition of Date of Birth to a single digit number. AfghanistanMohammad Nabi:- His lucky number is 7.A aggressive in nature and never like to lose.

At this moment his overall performance will be average in World Cup. His starting matches will be commanding well and even he might clinch victory also. As team victory is not only dependent on one’s future but as a leader of the team he will do well. He has to take care about his health, as injuries may miss an important match for his team. Hasty decisions on ground or off ground might bring his team in trouble in later on matches which are in March.


Australia Michael Clarke:- His lucky number is 7. His nature is clever and very good in handling people and situations. Sometimes rebel a lot and hurt people by plain talk. Also you are suspicious and sometimes uncaring. These things might put him in trouble in World Cup 2015. He has to keep control on his tongue and also take care of his injuries. He has to be more careful in match against Sri-Lanka. Rest other matches his performance will be average but may play crucial role against Afghanistan and New Zealand.



Mashrafe Mortaza:- His Lucky number is 9. He mostly has big dreams about himself and team. Dreaming big is good but only dreaming doesn’t makes your goal achieved. There must be true hard work and consistency. There will be uncertainty in his performance in this World Cup. His bowling performance will be good against some bigger teams like Sri-Lanka, England.


Eoin Morgan:- His Lucky number is 7. He is soft in nature; intelligence and guessing the moves of opposition before any reaction are his key skills. And no one can guess what’s going in his mind. His start to this big tournament might be dull but later on he will play some big and important innings for his team. Match against Scotland and Bangladesh he might do some silly mistakes on field.


Mahendra Singh Dhoni:- His Lucky number is 6. His bold self confident independent nature is praise worthy. To retreat to withdraw or back out fear these words are not in his dictionary. Till the last moment not to give things away is most important factor in cricket matches because of this only he had clinch some unexpected victories on the Indian side. This time luck is not much favourable for him so he must not take too aggressive decisions on his own and if possible discuss it with other teammates to come to final decision. Mostly in matches against South Africa and U.A.E. he must be more cautious. His batting performance will not be aggressive this time but he may surprise with a big innings which could lead his team to a victory.


William Porterfield:- His Lucky number is 1. He likes to be a captain, leader and take his team to a lead. He doesn’t like to remain under others control. His performance as a captain and as batsman both will be good in this World Cup. He may make new records in his career statistics. His first and last match in group stage needs more hard work and concentration to stay at the ground.

New Zealand

Brendon McCullum:- His Lucky number is 1. He takes his team all together and works on strategies on field and off the field. If he decides anything to do then he puts all of his efforts to get to the destination or achieve goal this thing works mostly for him. Matches against Australia, Afghanistan and Scotland he could play good innings through bat and also plan better strategies to put pressure on opposition. Home crowd can expect some big and aggressive innings from him this World Cup.


Misbah-ul-Haq:- His Lucky number is 9. A diplomatic in nature but don’t show off his skills or intelligence most often in front of others but when it is a do or die situation then he comes out strongly and get the opposition under control. This time around he might face some ups and down in his career but then also he will perform well in most of the group matches. He might make good start to his innings and remain in the 50s but need to work hard if he wants a big century.


Preston Mommsen:- His Lucky number is 4. He is true and transparent in nature. He is good in debate and having ego which could bring in trouble in this World Cup as a captain. His individual performance will be good. He might score good runs against England, Bangladesh and Australia.

South Africa

A B de Villiers:- His Lucky number is 5. He is very courageous and disciplined in nature, very active and likes to pass comments on the play. He needs to take care of his health in the staring matches. He might not score big runs against smaller teams like U.A.E. and Scotland but will perform well against better teams and some of his innings people will gaze at him.


Angelo Mathews:- His Lucky number is 6. He is receptive, sensitive and imaginative. But moody, clingy nature takes away his charm and honour from him. He always looks to make himself safe first. This thing is good to take care about his health but as a captain he must look others safety also. He may suffer from back or thigh injuries. As an all rounder and captain of a performing team like Sri-Lanka he will do well against Bangladesh, Australia and Afghanistan.


Mohammad Tauqir:- His Lucky number is 9. He is stable, practical and resistant to change but rigid nature sometimes brings his ego into play; while changing his decisions by advice from other teammates or coach. You must interact graciously with teammates otherwise trouble will brew in matches against Pakistan and West Indies. He might score good runs in this tournament and can make new highest innings run in his career statistics.

West Indies

Jason Holder:-His Lucky number 9. He is active diplomatic and very socially inclined. Sometimes he is indecisive and unreliable which puts the team in to lots of trouble. A young captain with lack of experience but then also if he corrects his past mistakes and take advice of experienced players in his team he will find great success in this World Cup. He needs special care of his health. Start will not be that much optimistic against Ireland and Pakistan but steadily he will gain good confidence in later on matches.


Elton Chigumbura:- His Lucky number is 5. He is active, energetic, excitable and optimistic. He is able to climb great heights but only drawbacks are haste, rashness, and over aggression again bring him down. His strategies and plans may get failed against Pakistan and Ireland; rest all other matches he might perform well individually and as a captain.

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