Stack the up: Why stackable jewellery is making waves

10:45 AM Oct 13, 2019 |

One good piece of jewellery is your ticket to stardom. And amongst the keenly watched trends, the stackable jewellery trend is catching everyone’s fancy. It is essentially about wearing different accessories together. To avoid the jewellery shop look, taking advice is a big deal.

“The trend is a unique play on the ‘less is more’ fashion route,” reveals Aayushi Jain, owner-designer, Ayana Silver Jewellery. “Usually, people are divided into minimalist and maximalist perspectives – however, stackable jewellery is a beautiful amalgamation of the two. The flexibility of stackable jewellery has helped it grow as a trend, where one piece can be paired with several others to create the unique look a fashionista goes after.”


Leshna Shah, Founder & Creative Head, Irasva, sees the constantly evolving industry adapting to the diverse culture and needs of our consumers. She too calls the trend a versatile approach. “The trend looks set to continue for the foreseeable future, as we see all consumers, seeking more personalised experiences, services, and products.”

Fashion stylist Saown Roy calls the trend as the latest modification of multi-layering ornamentation. “Its beauty is that it can be personified with ease. It came up and grew by its massive popularity on western social media influencers, celebrities showing it off in their public appearances and it has been successful and is totally eye catching yet sophisticated.”

Saumya Ghai, a merchandiser for brand Shaya, harks back to our Indian history. “From Rajput queens and princes stacking necklaces to Koli fisherwomen stacking earrings, we’ve always seen this play between different pieces worn together for both special occasions and every day. As a contemporary trend, it made its way into the international market around 2013 and into the Indian high street fashion forecasts around 2017, leading us to the current love for stacking.”

Seitu Kumar, a Delhi-based Senior Fashion Stylist, recalls it starting with Madonna and now women willing to experiment more. “The new international video artists and celebrities are adorning it.”

Confidence is the word, according to Seitu, that essentially helps in pulling off the trend. The jewellery included would be rings, neckpieces, earrings, bangles, and even bracelets.

For Leshna, the trend means a balancing act of stacking up. “Based on the stacks that you are creating it should have a combination of strong and neutral pieces that pair well with each other. It consists of multiple rings stacked together and it works well with earring studs as well. Simple chain necklaces can amp up your look. We can mix up metals and styles, as long as each piece is dainty enough to be paired with other rings.”

Aayushi thinks one can pull off anything in today’s age and time. “There are no longer definite lines to fashion, but blurred lines that help break the rules here and there! For example, delicate pieces stacked together are great for the minimal chic look; however, mixing metals and stones can create a bold statement with minimum effort. This can include stacking necklaces and pendants together or multiple rings together – each style created is exceptional.”

As opined by Saumya, the joy of stacking lies in its casualness. “It helps if you have a collection to choose from, of course, but almost all types of jewellery lend themselves to stacking.” Saown thinks it doesn’t need any special physical appearance to go along with it. “It can be easily sported at any occasion or event. It can consist of platinum, oxidized or golden jewelry.”

Wearing and pairing it is the next step. Saown mentions, “Co-ords, jumpsuits, long and short dresses are preferred more for stackable jewellery. One can pull it off by matching similar designs in earrings, neckpieces, metallic bracelets with different shapes or structures or motifs, etc.”

Seitu wants everyone to typically keep simple solid coloured attire in mind. “You could just be wearing an LBD and do stackable finger rings in one tone – make sure the rings are worn on different gaps. Anything from five to ten rings would work.”

Saumya suggests, “Stacking invites experimentation. The only ask is that the pieces complement each other and the outfit they’re being worn with.”

Layering of jewellery, according to Leshna, means the ability to experiment with various colours while selecting one’s outfit. “A neutral look will let your personally curated stack shine through. Several stacks can be created using multiple product categories; Simple elegant and minimalistic designs are a must-have while creating your stack full of diamonds.”

Aayushi thinks everyone needs to stay true to one’s style. “If that style is making a statement then bold outfits with bold jewellery is the way to go. Statement earrings with stacked rings and bracelets will always grab attention. For a minimal style, stacking a few chains on a pair of jeans and a white shirt can go a long way. This can be spruced up with a few rings as well. When stacking necklaces and pendants, one can opt for a few rings instead of bracelets. Similarly, pairing statement earrings with hand accessories is preferred as to not take away attention from the earrings itself.”

Now, simple rules need to be followed. Aayushi thinks knowing your style is a vital rule in any trend. “For someone attempting this for the first time, starting small with a few delicate chains and bracelets is recommended to help them understand their preferences. However, for the fashionistas out there, making bold moves can truly bring out the best of their style.”

For Leshna, your mood and style decides everything. But focus on your body shape for a symmetrical look. “We need to keep innovating and fine-tuning our style to the on-going trends.”

Saumya too thinks on the same lines. “It’s helpful to remember that gold and silver are very versatile and go with most things. Gemstones and colours can be trickier to stack. Another tip is to stack multiple light pieces or wear a heavy statement piece with lighter pieces for accents. The whole point is to have fun!”

Saown feels while wearing dresses, stack earrings match with it while bracelets go with cords and long dresses. “If pairing one set of jewelry with one outfit, then it might not go with another one. It needs proper balancing of colour and texture of your jewellery and the outfit you’re carrying.” Stackable jewellery trend is here for you to know and wear to become the star attraction.

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