Taured Mystery: When a mysterious man arrived at Japanese Airport from unknown country

10:01 AM Nov 11, 2018 |

(Photo: Youtube)

‘Taured Mystery’ or ‘Man from Taured’ is a popular story regarding an event when an unknown man from a different world landed at a Japanese airport and vanished later. The incident is said to have occurred during 1950’s, and is one of the popular examples of time travel or parallel world.


According to this story, a man landed at Haneda Airport (also known as Tokyo International Airport) during the July month in the year 1954. The man belonged to a Caucasian race and had beard. When his passport was checked by immigration officer at the airport, he noticed a strange thing. His passport belonged to a country named ‘Taured’, which did not exist.

When he was enquired about the same, he confidently claimed that he was from ‘Taured’, a country situated between France and Spain. He even showed the location of his country to immigration officers on a map. While showing his country ‘Taured’ on the map, he pointed towards the area covered by European nation of Andorra. He was shocked to not find his country on the map and rather surprised why his country was named as Andorra. Argument followed between the officers and the man, with both sides refusing to give in.

Eventually, the officers arrested the man suspecting that he may be a possible criminal. They detained him in a nearby hotel and seized his all document. He was placed under security in the hotel so that he could not escape. On the other day, when officers reached his room they were totally surprised. The man had just vanished from his room. There were no signs of his escape, and officers could not believe their eyes. Even his personal documents, which were taken by officers, also disappeared along with him.

Many conspiracy theories claimed that the event can be case of inter-dimensional travel. The man could have somehow travelled through a parallel dimension by accident, which landed him in another world. According to this theory, there is a parallel earth similar to our own earth. Although life exists on both the worlds, there is some geographical and historical differences. The man could have been from a parallel earth, where his country did exist and was known as ‘Taured’. One other theory claims that the person could be a time traveller, and would have travelled to a different time accidentally.

Since the documents of the mysterious man disappeared along with him, there are no evidence to prove the incident. But the mention of story is quite popular among physicists and scientists. Although there are many versions of the exact story among witnesses, ‘Where the man came from and where he disappeared still remains a big mystery’.

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