Ujjain: Miscreants rob Rs 1.20 L from onboard passenger

Ujjain: Few miscreants robbed Rs 1.20 lakh cash on the knife point from an onboard passenger in train on Tuesday early morning. According to Government Railway Police (GRP) Ramesh and his friend Munshi were heading to Damoh from Gujarat by Rajkot Express, when some youth snatched the money after a dispute on some petty issue.

In the statement given to the police, victims said that some youths embarked in the train from Ujjain station and sat along them. Later, some of them started dispute on some petty issue, took out knife and tore the plaint’s pocket and snatched the cash of Rs 1.20 lakh from them. Ramesh was going to deposit the monthly installment of the tractor at Damoh. The miscreants got off the train when it got slow near the next station. The victims returned to Ujjain from midway and lodged the report.