‘Yoga’ — The Only Means To Achieve Divine Transformation

01:40 PM May 11, 2019 | FPJ Bureau


Yogi can not create or materialise desired objects like fruits, flowers, desserts, gold, silver, watches or pen etc. out of thin air without the immediate or original cause. Therefore, one must not aspire for such powers or be fooled by them.


The siddhis (accomplishments) that are popular in the name of Yoga are not all true or verifiable claims, and many such feats are impossible. Replicating these siddhis, or seeking their pratyaksa pramana (direct proof, perceived through senses) is not possible and rational reasoning disapproves these claims. Some such tall claims are: Jiva being knower of all, like Paramatma Himself, remaining alive for many years without food and water, forming a new body, lack of pain even after amputations etc.


Message of Yoga

Yogah samadhih. (Yogasutra vyasabhasya-1.1)

By ‘Yoga’ means samadhi.’ it is meant that Yoga is the spiritual darsana (philosophy) for atma-darsana, atma-saksatkara and atmabodha. Yoga is a life-darsana (philosophy of life) and life management. Therefore, Yoga may be called a ‘philosophy-in-action’, a way-of-action which is as serene as the samadhi state.

Yoga is atmanusasana (self-discipline). Yoga in not only a physical exercise but a complete and holistic lifestyle. Yoga is the paramvidya (supreme knowledge) to make our citta (mind) lucid and nirbija (seedless, of samskaras). Yoga is a complete science of treatment. Yoga is the science of life. Yoga is the only and surest, total solution to all the problems of a person, society, nation and world.

Yoga is the sum total life-darsana (philosophy of life). Through the medium of Yoga one can obtain internal and external health holistically, and realise the completeness of beauty in inner and outer forms.

Yoga enhances our personality with its holistic vision. Yoga liberates the practitioner from all adhi-vyadhis (mental and physical diseases), and helps one in reaching the highest summit of happiness, that is the samadhi.

Siddhayasiddhyoh samo bhutva samatvam yoga uchyate. (Srimadbhagvadgita-2.48)

Maintaining the bhava (feeling) of samatva (state of indifference) in both siddhi (accomplishment) and asiddhi (non-accomplishment) with the balance of buddhi (wisdom) is Yoga.Happiness as dream, sorrow like_bubbles, think both of them alike. Respect all, those sent by Isvara.

We have that power within us that can change darkness to light, sorrow to happiness, and loss to a win. There is an energy inside us that can make a diseased body disease free. Why worry about about disease, grief, danger and struggle? Especially as you have that strength, valor and self respect to challenge death. One should move on in life continuously with equanimity without being disturbed. That one will surely achieve success one day, is the supreme message of Yoga.

After freeing yourself from visada-yoga, if you want to understand the eighteen different types of Yoga as mentioned in Samadbhagvadgita like sankhya yoga, karmayoga, jhanayoga, etc. then do the abhyasa (practice) of pranayoga (prana-sadhana, prana-siddhi, vayu-siddhi). There is combination of all Yoga in pranayoga.

It is the spiritual journey from ajnana (ignorance) to jnana (knowledge), jada (unconscious) to cetana (conscious), jiva (being) to Brahma, pratyaksa to paroksa and limited to the unlimited.

Not to escape from life and live in samatva (equanimity) is Yoga. To live free from the karma-asakti  (attachment with action) and phala-asakti (attachment with fruit of action )is true samyasa (renunciation).


By experiencing bhoga (material enjoyment) the flames of vasana are heightened, just like the flames of fire erupt with the addition of ghee. That’s why the solution to nivrti (cessation or liberation) from bhoga is not more indulgence of bhoga but Yoga. Yoga is the complete and easy nivrtihetu from bhoga. We do not have to burn ourselves in the fire of bhoga but we have to heat ourselves with the fire of Yoga and Prdndgni and win over disease, ageing and death. The sastras say:

Na tasya roga, na jara na mrtyuha. Praptasya yoganimayam sariram (Svetasvaropanisad-2.11.13)

The darsana, traditions, treatments, moral norms, values and culture of our ancestor Rsi have been to make bhoga as a means of Yoga. Today, man has to some extent, made Yoga as a tool of bhoga and is making efforts in the direction of materialism.

The solution of life’s and world’s problems is not in the vision centered in bhoga but in a Yoga centered vision.

(Excerpted from the book Divine Transformation: Building Blocks for Englightened Life, Ideal Nation & Peaceful World by Acharya Balakrishna)

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