We draw our own ‘Lakshman rekha’

04:47 PM May 21, 2019 | Aparna Kapoor

Discipline is different from habit
Being disciplined is different from habitually doing things. Discipline keeps you focused and motivated, whereas habits usually settle around what you comfortably like to do without much effort. The thin line of difference here is what I call the Lakshman Rekha. Inside of it is our attitude of being in comfort, whereas outside of it is the disciplined attitude; more focused on the goal willingly doing whatever it takes to reach that goal, even if it makes us uncomfortable.

Good habits definitely go a long way in writing success stories but habits eventually set out the boundaries of our comfort zone, trapping us in a way. We give in to our physical, mental, emotional comfort and call it our “disciplined way of life”. Here’s where we feel trapped, moving around in circles. The vacuum created is actually self-imposed. In spite of knowing that to move ahead we would need to travel an extra mile and need to break free from our habits; we still don’t break the wall around us.


Our habits should help us discipline our efforts and not restrict our progress. If they do then it is like the golden cage of a bird which keeps it comfortable with food, water and shelter but is unable to give the freedom and happiness of flying in the skies. Flying free surely involves risks, but the bird discovers new horizons and is much tougher, happier and independent than the one in the cage.


Redefine your boundaries…be seamless
We need to expand our boundaries of our comfort zone. Stop being comfortable and wilfully make the effort to be comfortable in things which otherwise make us uncomfortable. To do that, firstly switch your routine which primarily focuses on your physical, emotional or mental comfort. The switch could be as small as taking a different route to office, trying new restaurants, taking up a hobby, or the likes. This helps train our mind to be ready for a surprise situation and not stagnate around a set pattern of our thoughts and our reactions towards them. It would keep our mind alert and focused on the goal ahead rather than getting stuck en route. The repeated practice on this will help us understand that the fun is in the journey rather than the destination. You will be surprised to see how well and fast our mind adapts to a new thought process and is a part of your limitless comfort zone.

Go with the flow
We sulk when things don’t go as planned. But do we really have control on how things shape up or people around us behave? You aren’t in control of things, people and situations; but are surely in control of your own mind and actions.
So the wise thing to do is to stop fixing the world around us, but focus on our own right and positive actions. Trying to be on top of every situation brings in a lot of stress and dissatisfaction because it is dependent on a lot of factors other than you. The focus has to be introspective and the attitude to go with the flow. Be positively prepared for any and all situations. Set no boundaries for your mind. Do not define its parameters to deal with typical and predictable situations; but train it to be ready for every situation, taking spontaneous but right decisions. Sail the boat of your mind along with the flow of the current rather than against it.

Break the glass ceiling to see the magic
Human mind has tremendous potential; all it takes is a positive attitude and a strong will power. You need that one step outside of your comfort zone to discover a better version of you. The limitless sky and seamless horizon appear only when we step outdoors. Break that glass ceiling and see the magic unveil.

Don’t hesitate to set out new rules for yourself of being limitless, of being comfortable in the most uncomfortable situations, of being ready for the unexpected—and most importantly, willingly accepting the not so familiar and habitual situations around you. Do not look for comfortable situations, but be comfortable in any and every situation.

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