‘Yoga’ — The Only Means To Achieve Divine Transformation

04:01 PM May 24, 2019 | FPJ Bureau

Yoga Treatment System
A clear diagnosis of the causation of basic and subtle problems (trivid duhkha – three sorrows produced by the thinking that the viewer and views are same), and their total solution is possible through Yoga. Yoga is therefore a high level, risk free and a hundred percent successful treatment modality.

The hita (benefit) of the diseased is paramount’ – this is the motto of Yoga. When this concern and ethic is accepted in the health sector, then there will be an end to the struggle amongst treatment modalities. Instead of a debate regarding modalities, a conversation will begin.


Yoga and Ayurveda are systemic treatment modalities whereas allopathy is symptomatic. This is the main difference between the ancient and modern treatment sciences.


Our purpose is not to raise questions over any treatment modality with this comparison but to provide an opportunity to the diseased to judge the various options of treatment modalities, and to let them choose the best modality for health.

The person can invite death by buying poison from the market, opium, cannabis, tobacco, bidi, cigarette and alcohol – these disease causing agents which might cause cancer and are synonymous with death, can easily be bought and consumed. It is only when reckless people face near death situations that they realise that treatment modalities cannot be chosen at that juncture. The situation does not permit a choice for an appropriate and favorable treatment modality, because the disease has often reached a terminality. Instead of wishing for the good and healthfulness of diseased, some powerful medicine companies in the name of treatment are prescribing torturous treatment regimes whereas the risk free and traditional Rsi- treatment modality has been saddled with the burden of adverse propagagnda many a times. Truly, the processes of Yoga, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Marma therapy, Homeopathy, Reiki and other treatment modalities are cheap, easy, scientific, empirical, authentic and best modalities for a healthy recovery and post-recovery goodness. The blatant discrimination and opposition towards our ancient treatment sciences is not only motivated by shameless deceit but it also harms the hundreds of millions who are not satisfied or cured under the monopoly of global industrial pharma giants.

Yoga can help keep 99% of humanity away from the perilous path of substance abuse and create a disease free world.

The meaning of Yoga sadhana
n Through Yoga, we have to establish civility and kindliness and good-feelings in the place of bad past impressions, and enable the people to erase their flaws and refine their qualities. Generally people ignore their flaws and bad qualities. The viveka or the faculty which applies descriminative knowledge has to introspect towards this end. Self-introspection, self-practice, self-progress, self-formation, self development, self-reliance and self-honour – these seven elements must be rigorously applied for self-examination and self-analysis in every opportune situation. Critical self-identity helps the wise person make better everyday-living decisions. Every possible effort should be made for correction of dosas (flaws) identified in this process.

Vairagya: The state of non-attachment
n The final limit of discriminative knowledge is non-attachment. It is not to be confused with renunciation of this world. Vairagya is the condition of self-knowledge where the practicioner uses the things that are available by virtue of that situation and yet does not become troubled even if they are taken away or denied or even if they are not realised despite requisite efforts. Even in the realisation of wishes or acquisition of things, there is no exhibition of happiness, because of the realisation of the situationality and conditionality of acquisitiveness. One is satisfied within and without whether one gets the object of desire or position and even when one does not get it or is denied that position. This feeling gets established naturally in the mind of the sadhaka.

Rajihai hum usime jisme teri raja hai. Yaha bhi vaha-vaha hai, vaha bhi vaha-vaha hai (Ramavarsa)

The realisation of a comprehensive and holistic vision, the mindset of non-attachment, and an untiring commitment to toils, struggles and industry progress – these complete the signs of the condition of vairagya.
(Excerpted from the book Divine Transformation: Building Blocks for Enlightened Life, Ideal Nation & Peaceful World by Acharya Balakrishna)

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