What is transformation?

The literal meaning of transformation is change. But it is not as simple as changing a house or a car. It is an internal process. It is also very different from reformation. In reformation there is a chance of going back to the earlier state. Transformation is permanent and irreversible. As a child we all play with toys, but when we grow up, we outgrow that stage permanently. This is transformation.

Transformation and awakening go hand in hand. It is an internal state which expresses itself in our outward behaviour. It changes our perception towards life. For e.g. an ant or a reptile which crawls on the ground has a limited vision. It can only see things that happen on ground level and nothing beyond that. In case of a bird, it has a better perspective. It can see the trees, the water and the sky. An eagle has an even superior view, a much broader perspective. This is how transformation is. Your perspective towards life widens when you progress towards transformation.

You don’t only think of “I” ”Me” and “Myself”. The change is from “I” to “You”.
Transformation is an ongoing process. Mother Earth is evolving every day, consciousness is changing every minute and we need to keep pace with this change. The test of transformation is to see how much has the “I” dissolved. If you are at the “I” level it means you are at the level of narrow perspective of an ant or a reptile.

When you move from “I” to “YOU”— you are moving towards the bird’s or the eagle’s perspective. When one is in the state of awareness one realizes that ‘I’ is constantly in the process to move on. The feeling of separation is only at the physical level. Internally we are all connected with all that exists. If someone is stuck in the ‘I’ he has to be helped to move on towards ‘YOU’.

How does transformation happen? First we need to understand what transformation is. Second, we need to accept that we are not transformed yet. Then we need to apply knowledge to move from ‘I’ to ‘YOU’. Knowledge comes from the Divine. Ask the Divine for help, the Divine has plenty of ways to reach you.

Transformation is a change of your inner perception. It is the process of going from the level of the ant to the level of the eagle. For completes transformation you need to convert your inner self and not your intellect. When one transforms internally he is content with his life and starts to share. He includes others in his prosperity and success. Growth then is not at the cost of others, but for the benefit of others.

The simplest way to transformation is to be connected with the divine 24/7 and how to stay connected is what I shall discuss in the next article. According to my Guru Shri Dadashreeji –I + YOU + ALL = DIVINITY